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2017 UWWC Award Application


The Utah Worksite Wellness Council (UWWC) Healthy Worksite Awards Program recognizes Utah employers for their exemplary work in worksite wellness and those committed to improving employee health and well-being. The Awards program showcases employers of all sizes on their worksite health promotion and wellness program. We acknowledge efforts to facilitate and encourage employee health, enhance productivity and ensure a healthy work environment.

Why Should I apply?

These awards recognize organizations that have built effective, result-oriented and innovative wellness programs. You are looking out for your employees by providing them the best in workplace wellness, now we want to recognize your hard work!

Who Can Apply?

Public, private, or government organizations that are located in Utah and have employee wellness programs in place during the past twelve months are eligible to receive the award.

Application Deadline, Cost, and Acknowledgement

The application is due March 25th, 2017. All award recipients will be formally notified April 18th, 2017. Awardees will be recognized at the 2017 Utah Worksite Wellness Conference Awards Dinner on May 8th, 2017 at the Snowbird Resort. A media release will be provided in your award packet for use with your local media.

The cost to apply is $80.

What are the Different Award Levels?

The evaluation process uses an assessment tool designed to help employer assess whether they have implemented evidence-based health promotion interventions or strategies in their workplace. Questions are scored based on good, better, and best practices and strategies. The UWWC’s Healthy Worksite Award allows companies to qualify for bronze, silver, gold or platinum level recognition based on their initial assessment score. The four achievement levels, in rank order (highest to lowest), are:

Platinum represents the pinnacle of results-oriented worksite wellness programming. The Platinum Award is granted to organizations forging new ground by linking health promotion objectives to business outcomes.

Gold recognizes organizations developing comprehensive programs producing results. These programs are a strategic and integral part of the business.

Silver recognizes organizations expanding programming and aligning their efforts with the organization’s priorities.

Bronze recognizes organizations meeting the minimum criteria by demonstrating a solid foundation for success. The

Innovation Award: The purpose of the innovation award is to recognize employers who stand out for demonstrating and successfully implemented an innovative approach to some aspect of worksite wellness. This would demonstrate the value of creativity and flexibility in the resolution of workplace productivity and health promotion.  The innovation award is based on company size and centered around 6 areas of wellness (physical, social, occupational, emotional, financial and intellectual wellness)

How do I apply for the Award?

To preview the application, follow these links: UWWC_Award       UWWC_Innovation Award

To apply for the award follow this link: 2017 UWWC Award Application

Contact Dustin Jones at for more information.

2017 Healthy Utah Award Application Time Line

January 25, 2017 – Application Process Opens
  • March 25, 2017 – Application Due.  

  • April 18, 2017 – Announcement of Awards

  • May 8, 2017 – Awards Ceremonies